Stage 3

Block 2 Section 115 LYNEHAM De Burgh Street Lyneham ACT

As part of the preparation of a Development Application (DA), JWLand is undertaking a program of community consultation to engage with the surrounding neighbourhood and key stakeholders. JWLand invites interested members of the public to view the proposed Development Application for stage 3 of the Embark precinct and provide comments on the proposal.

Early engagement is vital for bringing the community on the development journey and creating a sense of ownership and pride in the future of this precinct.


Consultation Programme

Phase 1: Precinct Master Plan and Stage 1 Building Presentation – July 2017

Phase 2: Estate Development Plan and Stage 2 Building Presentation – September 2018

Phase 3: Stage 3 Building Concept Design Presentation – WE ARE HERE NOW

Phase 4: Stage 3 Public Notification – August 2020  (TBC)


Given the current personal distancing and social gathering restrictions, community consultation will be undertaken online and over a number of electronic presentations.  Community consultation on large projects like stage 3, typically generates numerous questions about the development proposal.

As we cannot hold a drop-in-session, our Architect, Town Planner and Development Manager will be available on Tuesday 5 May 2020 between 5:00pm and 7:00pm to answer questions via phone calls. Please call 02 6180 0100 if you have any questions and would like a briefing on the project.

You can also provide any feedback or comments at

Click here to download the current proposed design.